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Icon 1,502 sf
Dollar Icon RM 500,000

When Classic Meets Contemporary

The allure of the past and the appeal of the present come together harmoniously in this majestic abode.

As much as ARIA Luxury Residence already lives up to its name, one homeowner in this awe-inspiring development wanted his residence to reach its full potential. To achieve this, a modern classic concept was selected and exotic touches were added in order to ensure the final result would be a one-of-a-kind functional work of art.

Following the client's preference, a dark and cool atmosphere was generated through the use of high-end materials that perfectly complement the chosen interior design concept. Similarly, furnishings that match the established style and palette which is predominantly comprised of various shades of grey.

Interior plus work Aria 1
Interior plus work Aria 2
Interior plus work Aria 3
Interior plus work Aria 4
Interior plus work Aria 5
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This is immediately evident the second one sets foot inside the premises as the home’s entrance is bedecked with raw marble slabs that give it the air of a majestic altar. Further enforcing this impression is the black frame that outlines the marble and creates its own simple yet profound statement.

Inside, French wall panels serve as the defining visual element of the home and the cornerstone of its interior design concept. Through its calculated usage in each and every part of the residence, the desired ambience flows seamlessly between the social and private areas of the abode.

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